Are Your Safety Valves Really Safe?


Pressure relief valve repair company

Pressure relief valve inspection and repair services

Pressure relief valves stand as the last line of defense to protect both the physical safety of your business, and the personal safety of your employees.  Anything less than 100% reliability means both are at risk. The time to test these critical safety valves is NOT after a malfunction. Do you know your level of risk?

Periodic inspection of your pressure relief valves is critical to ensure that your PRV’s are in compliance with industry standards as set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Safety valve inspections by a professional valve repair company are essential to understand what you don’t know about their compliance with these standards.  Non-compliance means your safety valves are either popping too early, or too late, neither of which are good, and could put both your company, and employees at risk.

Extreme Force Valve offers a complete range of valve repair services including valve inspection, testing, conversion (if needed), and repair. We’re located in Jerseyville, Illinois (50 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri), and provide our valve testing and repair services to companies across the Midwest. We work with all types of industrial valves including Section VIII steam, liquid, air, gas and Section I steam valves.

Our repairs meet or exceed OEM specifications, so you can be assured that both your plant and employees are protected by properly functioning pressure relief valves. Additionally, we provide documentation for valve repairs and inspections, which will provide you with auditable historical data for each of your safety valves.

Companies across a variety of industries have come to rely on Extreme Force Valve for our fast, friendly and fair industrial valve testing services. We’re able to rework your parts as necessary, rather than outsourcing to another machine shop, saving you both time and money.  When needed, we also offer 24/7 emergency valve repair services.